To Dance With A Fetch (Excerpt 8) In The Corner

The warm sun from the day begins to settle low on the horizon as the trickling of the ponds waterfall creates a soothing inviting sound. Smokey is sitting just inside the window watching for birds and squirrels as she keeps an eye on the yard like a queen would oversee her kingdom. Her grey hair blends in with the window screen and the darkness of the room behind her. The only obvious things that stand out are her yellow eyes and they are fixed on something at the back of the yard.

“It’s so relaxing here, with you.” says Lyla as she leans back in her chair stretching her arms high above her head. She slowly brings her arms down resting them in her lap as she and Marcus continue to talk about how things haven’t changed much in town or with the individuals that dwell there. Several minutes pass and after more moments of laughter that cool and low humidity feeling of evening begins to roll in. It’s time for Marcus to go home and as he stands up he offers to help clear the table. Before he can lift a finger, Lyla quickly tosses everything into the bag the sandwiches came in.

“I’ve got this,” Lyla sets the bag on the floor near her feet. “You go ahead and start for home, it’s getting late.” Says Lyla as she stays seated in her chair. Marcus kisses her on the top of her head and he walks through the backyard and out through the garden gate closing it tightly behind him.

Lyla grabs the bag of trash and blows out the candle that is sitting at the center of the table. She turns to go inside when something catches her eye. Was it movement or a flash of light? She’s not sure what it is that made her look but there is a very dark figure, a perfect silhouette of a man, standing in the opposite corner of the yard near the privacy fence.

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