The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 81) Quickly Retreat

Since the collar of his coat was covering most of his face, Lyla is not even sure if she would recognize the man if he came right up and introduced himself. However, his eyes, she would remember those eyes. They seemed almost magical.

Out of her peripheral vision, she sees what appears to be a man standing near the lamppost to her right. Quickly turning to face him, she finds no one is there. This bothers her a bit, partly because she was hoping for another encounter, and because she is now questioning her reactions.

Why, after she practically ran back to her room last night, would she want to repeat the incident? Realizing she is completely alone on the street, she actually feels very relieved no one is there and decides it is best to go back to her room for the night.

Walking toward the hotel, she passes by the outdoor café where she had dinner. As she looks over to see if the two couples are still there, her eyes divert to a man stepping out of the restaurants doorway. He looks a little familiar to her, or does he? She is not sure. Is he possibly the man she was hoping to see again? He appears to glance up and then quickly retreat into the building.

Excerpt 81

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