The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 87) Out Of Place

Today is very deceptive. A crisp yellow sun is brightly illuminating the cloudless sky while birds sing out in joyous tunes. It very much looks like the type of day most people hope for, but for Destry and Marcus, the day begins with a funeral.

Friends and family have assembled to pay their final respects to Arrosa Valente and to send her off on her next journey in a positive way. The gathering is loud and most people there are smiling as they try to help each other though the sudden loss of their loved one. The kitchen counters and tables of Arrosa’s house is full of casseroles, pies, various fruits and meats, all brought by members of the group. The stacks of food started out somewhat organized but now it is placed haphazardly and not in any specific order.

Losing Arrosa has been very difficult for many but especially for Severo. He is quietly moving around, from room to room, feeling very out of place and awkward. Marcus notices this, for he too suffers from crowd anxiety, and asks him to step outside with him.

“I thought you might want some fresh air.” says Marcus as he and Severo walk out the kitchen door to the back path. The ground is dry and powdery under their feet as they move along at a slow and deliberate stride. “I had a dream about her last night.” Says Severo openly as he looks out across the field. “She was such a kind woman, tough and strong, but very kind-hearted.” He continues as he kicks a small rock with his shoe. His demeanor is calm and reserved.

Excerpt 87

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