The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 89) Still Do

“I know something went wrong towards the end, she wasn’t acting at all like herself. She was treating me differently, treating the staff differently and she was short tempered. It is almost as if she was a different person.” States Severo as he looks at Marcus then grins in order to hold back tears. “Sometimes I wondered if I was really with her or someone else.” He looks down. “Just like in the dream, maybe it wasn’t her.”  

“Some illnesses can. . .” starts Marcus. “She wasn’t sick!” Says Severo quickly. “Not like that anyway. She was fine and making plans. It’s as if one day she woke up as someone else and when I would comment about some of her actions she would accuse me of making up stories!” Severo picks up a rock and hurls it at a large tree.

“Then she became obsessed with selling and the very day she inked her name, she passed away!” He wipes his nose with his handkerchief.  “I’m sorry Severo.” Marcus says gently. He pats this very sad and distressed man on the arm. He feels a connection with Severo and wishes there was more that he could do to help him through this horrible situation.

“You’re a good man, Marcus, I can see that. Destry sees it as well.” He says with a smile. “She’s a lot like her Grandmother you know. Strong, bull headed at times, but very smart and very loving.”

“I can tell you loved Arrosa,” states Marcus sincerely. “Still do, son. . . still do.” Severo puts his arm across Marcus’ shoulders and they walk back to the house.

Excerpt 89

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