The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 95) Turns Her Back

“Oh, well yes you did surprise me, a little.” The stout round woman replies. At the very moment she turns to look at Lyla, the photographer’s flash goes off again capturing yet another still picture. Her expression is one of discomfort and Lyla notices it rather quickly.

“I hope you’re enjoying the display, I’m sorry to have bothered you.” says Lyla a little surprised at the woman’s odd reaction to her. “Oh no, no bother at all, it’s actually quite nice to see a familiar face. I just didn’t expect anyone to recognize me.” The elderly woman grins slightly as if she is nervous. “What are you up to tonight dear?” She asks a she turns her back to the photographer.

“My friend Marcus is the artist of this exhibit and I wanted to stop in to see how the showing was going. Unfortunately, he is attending a funeral today and was not able to be here.” Explains Lyla as she and the little woman walk to the next painting.

“Well that’s a shame; it would have been lovely to meet him.” She responds as she looks at her watch. “Oh I’m sorry dear but I must be going. Do take care.” She says as she quickly walks toward the door to exit the building. She did not even give Lyla time to say goodbye.

Excerpt 95

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