The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 97) Into The Wall

This odd shadow looks much like the silhouette of a person, but no one is standing nearby to create such an outline. It is near an alcove of an old building and its strange misty consistency appears to be hovering two feet off the ground. Lyla looks at the couple to see if they have a reaction to what she has seen, but their focus is so much on each other, she doubts they even realize she is standing near them.

“My mind must be playing tricks on me.” She says under her breath. Turning a little bit more in that direction, she wants to focus straight on with this unusual anomaly. Is that what it is? Simply a shadow, or is this a person? She questions in her mind as she squints her eyes hoping it will make a difference in how she sees it.

Glancing around she tries to explain it away as if a streetlight or shop window is casting a reflection. Suddenly the silhouette moves as if sinking into the wall of stone and this makes Lyla tremendously nervous.

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Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

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