The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 98) Uncomfortable

Finally, the streetlight changes and Lyla walks through the intersection with the couple and continues along until they step aside to go in a different direction. Almost instantly, there is a fluttering, like the wings of a hummingbird, very near to Lyla’s left ear. She ducks and places her hand up to protect herself but there is no bird and the sound quickly stops. She looks around but does not see anything that could have caused such a noise.

With several blocks to go, she grows more and more jumpy as the streetlamps now are the only light she has to navigate by. The sun disappeared below the horizon and the sky very quickly turned black. She is wishing that she had hailed a cab for she would have been back at the hotel by now. She feels uncomfortable, stressed, and slightly panicked.

A gust of wind passes by her catching a few small pieces of paper from the curb causing them to flurry up and swirl in the air. She hears talking and soon several people step out of a small passage and pass by her going in the opposite direction.

Everything seems to be making her nervous as she continues walking, but at a much faster pace than before. Soon the hotel is in sight and she begins to relax, but just a little. Lyla’s thoughts now go to Marcus and Destry. She wonders if they have come back to the city or if they will be at the vineyard for another night. As usual with Lyla and Marcus, they seem to be in tune and this evening is no different.

Excerpt 98

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