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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 259) Searching

The predawn sounds of birds chirping are a sure sign that spring is well underway. Droplets of dew cling to each blade of grass as the morning sky turns a velvety looking pale lavender color. It all seems to be in anticipation for the sun to streak the sky with bands of yellow and orange.

Lyla has been driving the twisting turning country roads for nearly an hour but nothing seems to look familiar. Maybe if she knew what she was looking for, her search would not be so daunting. She does not know what she expects to find but she is compelled to be out, searching. Coming to a crossroad, she stops and then takes a right.

“No, I’ve been down this road already.” She says to herself as she slows her speed to look for a place to turn around. That is when she sees it. There is a gate in the fence line. Covering it are vines of honeysuckle with loads of fresh buds that are not yet open to display their white and gold color.

“Now what have we here?” she whispers as she pulls up stopping the car in the middle of the isolated road. Looking around and in the rearview mirror it appears she is the only one in the area. Therefore, she backs up and pulls into the drive stopping the car at the hidden entrance. Stepping out of the vehicle, she looks around then begins to pull the vines away from the area.

Excerpt 259

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 258) I’ve Been There

The sound of water trickling along rocks and pebbles serenade the night-time air. With her eyes closed, Lyla can hear this peaceful sound and she feels as if she is floating. Upon opening her eyes, she finds herself on a stone path near a small brook were the sounds of the water are playfully trickling along.

It is dark here and deep green moss has created small roadways between the rocks of the path and along the side of the brook. Looking up she finds herself at a cottage. It is the same cottage where she dreamt of the couple sitting on the sofa, laughing as they held each other. She remembers that it ended up being her own self that she was watching. Gasping for air Lyla quickly awakens and lies in her bed for several minutes before sitting up.

“I know that cottage, I’ve been there before, and I know where it is.” She says as she grabs a pen and pad of paper from the small night table. After scribbling down a few things, she pulls the covers up to her neck, rolls over, and falls asleep once again.

Excerpt 258

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 257) Exhausted

“When you shared that Marnie attacked you, well, that is just plain nuts!” Marcus says to Lyla as he looks out at the foyer. “And I’m sorry to say it Lyla, but I think this house is haunted, it has a very strange feeling to it and I’m not sure that I want you to stay here alone.”

“I’m not so sure that you are wrong but at the same time, I’m not convinced that you’re right either.” Lyla says. “Listen you two, go home and get some rest. I am going to go find Smokey and go to bed. I’ll touch base with you later.” Lyla walks them to the front door.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come to the loft?” Marcus asks. “I think that would be a tight fit for three of us.” Replies Lyla as she reaches over and puts her arm around Destry. “I’ll be in touch and we will finish our conversation when we can think clearly.” She laughs as she tries to lighten the seriousness of their moods.

“Alright, call me if you need me.” Says Marcus as he hugs Lyla. He and Destry then walk out the front door.

As Lyla shuts and locks the door, the sounds seem to resonate throughout the foyer. She looks around at the open space, shivers slightly, and then heads up the stairs to her room where she finds Smokey curled up and asleep on the bed. Too exhausted to do much, she undresses and slips into bed where she immediately falls asleep.

Excerpt 257

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 256) To Count

“I’m sorry to do this, but I’m really getting tired and think we should call it a night.” Lyla looks at Marcus hoping he is too preoccupied with Destry to notice she is just trying to get them to leave. Her ploy is successful because Marcus immediately stands up.

“I agree, this has been a tiring day and I think we should give it all time to soak in,” says Marcus as he holds out his hand to count. “Number one, we all know that at some point Crispin Duff was here and Lyla was doing some work for him. That in itself is not anything odd, because that is what you do. You design and maintain websites. Number two, he must have thought enough about you to contract me to work up a painting for you, possibly as a housewarming gift.” He glances from Destry to Lyla and back.

“You are rolling right along with this and are correct so far, I think.” Says Lyla as she bobs her head up and down.

“So now for the odd stuff. You are either having visions of some sort, possibly due to the injury you sustained during the tornado. I know I have memory loss as well.” Marcus looks at Destry who is intently listening. “But then we have Marnie who I believe is now officially insane. I have never seen a person that acts so strange. Then after she leaves our little meeting here, you’re told she is locked up, so how the hell was she here?” Marcus questions.

Excerpt 256

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 255) Distorted

In a whirlwind of questions, fragments of memories, and moments in time that do not make sense, Marcus, Destry and Lyla discuss what they know about Duff Industries. This conversation lasts until the daylight hours are long gone. Mixed into this tattered discussion is the odd behavior of Marnie. Has she been sneaking out of her locked down confinement and now fallen victim to her own distorted mind? If she is getting out, then she deserves a reward for her clever ability to escape from a secure facility. It is either that or she has an evil twin running about, which seems ridiculous. What other explanation is there for her extreme actions, not to mention all the other strange happenings these past few days.

“I do not understand any of this, but I do know one thing for sure now that we have all talked,” says Destry as she looks from Lyla to Marcus, “I know you have not lied to me. As strange as it is, I believe your story. It is somewhat like the stories Severo has told of the months leading up to Grandmother’s death.”

Hearing this from Destry gives Marcus much relief and he reaches out and takes hold of her hand. Lyla is in deep thought and now with everything they can remember out in the open, she is more determined than ever to uncover the entire truth. However, she feels as if Marcus and Destry are in the way somehow. Not physically but emotionally, and she wants to do this alone.

Excerpt 255

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 254) Color Drains

“I need to fill you in on a few things about Marnie, but first let me call her brother so he knows to check on her.” Says Lyla as she picks up her phone and dials his number. “Hello, Robert?”

“Yes, hey Lyla, calling to check on Marnie?” he asks. “No, well yes, kind of.” She says. “Marnie was just here and I thought you would want to know in case you are looking for her.” Lyla stands up to look out the window.

“Seriously? Are you just messing with me?” he laughs. “She has been locked up at the hospital under a doctor’s care for almost twenty-four hours now!”

“What?” Lyla asks as a stunned expression crosses over her face. “Yeah, you want to go visit her? It’s all locked down and you have to make an appointment.” His voice trails off. “Oh, um, maybe later, um. . . thanks.” Lyla ends the call. The thoughts in her mind are in a flurry over what she just learned. If Marnie has been locked up for a full day, then who was just here and who attacked her last night? Moreover, who was the man with the menacing eyes?

“What is it?” asks Marcus. “What’s wrong?”

Lyla looks up as the color drains from her face. “Whoever was just here, standing at the window, was not and could not have been Marnie.”

Excerpt 254

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 253) Stay Clear

Lyla stands up with Destry. “Please, hear me out.” Destry stands in place for a moment then sits down again next to Marcus as Lyla speaks. “From what I can tell, I was working with him, helping him with data, a website and possibly web interview connections. I feel like I may have been close to him but in everything I have remembered, which isn’t much, I don’t think he would be a very likable person.” Lyla pauses and looks at Marnie who continues to stand with her back turned to the group.

“So what are you saying?” asks Destry. “I’m saying I don’t remember key things but in looking at my notes and adding them to the experience you have had with him, I think I’d stay clear of any interactions.” Lyla looks at Marcus. “So where do I come in at?” he asks.

“I think you painted a picture for him and that’s all, you were doing a job for a man with money.” Says Lyla bluntly. “From what we have remembered and from the things we have observed with your family, Destry. I think Crispin Duff and Duff Industries would not be clientele that neither of us would want to be associated with.” Marnie turns around and looks at Lyla.

“Do you have something to add, Marnie?” Lyla asks hoping she will open up and share what she knows. “No,” Marnie says quietly. “I doubt anything I would have to say is of importance to any of you.” She folds her arms as if to close off any further questions. “I should go.” She says as she steps out of the room, opens the front door and leaves, quietly closing the door behind her.

Excerpt 253

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 252) Getting Angry

“I remember you moving in and we hung the painting of the lake and moon that I did for you. I came by a few times for lunch and dinner too.” Says Marcus as he looks around the room.

“There was a big party. I know Penny was here working and stuff but. . .” pauses Lyla. “But what?” questions Marcus. “Well, I keep having visions, or dreams, or something. . . and it’s about a party.” Lyla says in a vague manner. She is not sure how to explain what she is experiencing without sounding like she is going insane. All this time, Marnie is quiet, motionless, and continues to look out the window.

“I don’t recall ever meeting Crispin Duff.” Lyla says fearing this will upset Destry. “What?” Destry asks. “How are you connected to Crispin Duff?” her voice is raised and Lyla can tell she is getting angry.

“No, you don’t understand.” Lyla says quickly. “After I left the shop this morning with the invoice, I found files in my office. His picture was attached.” Lyla pauses slightly. “Apparently, I was building and monitoring a website and it looks like I was employed by him to do this.” With a shocked look on her face, Destry stands up.

“I don’t know how you people can be working for him and claim to never know him! Are you all crazy?” she yells.

Excerpt 252

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 251) Talk With You

“Destry and I are hoping we might be able to talk with you about Duff Industries.” Says Marcus as he looks at Destry. Marnie slowly turns around to watch him as he continues. “I’m so fuzzy on what happened those many months ago.” He looks directly at Lyla, “You and I both ended up with nasty bumps on our heads and I know I don’t remember much. I was thinking that maybe if we sit and really try to put it all together, we might figure out the missing pieces.” He states as Lyla glances up at Marnie.

“Marnie, I think you seem to know more about this than the rest of us.” Lyla says all the while fearing she will once again find herself in an attack. However, this time she has Marcus for support and can avoid a one on one assault.

“Um, no. . . I don’t really have much to say.” Stammers Marie as she turns again to look out at the front yard.

“But, just last night you talked as if you knew a lot.” Says Lyla hoping this will not anger Marnie and oddly, it does not appear to affect her at all. She watches as Marnie continues to look out the window without speaking. Glancing over at Marcus, Lyla shrugs her shoulders as she questions Marnie’s unresponsive behavior and she wonders if her silent friend even heard what she said.

Excerpt 251

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 250) Curious Glance

Marcus and Destry step up onto the large deep porch of Lyla’s house and ring the doorbell. While they wait for her to answer, Marnie comes up the walkway behind them. “Well hello,” Marnie says in a soft voice. Marcus turns around to greet her. “Hey, Marnie, what’s going on?” he says as he gives her a hug. Marnie is a bit stiff in her gesture as she hugs him back. “Marnie I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Destry Boucher. Destry this is Marnie Jones.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Destry says as she extends her hand. “Nice to meet you too,” replies Marnie. As the two shake hands, Lyla opens the door.

“Oh, hello everyone.” A bit startled, Lyla gives Marcus an odd glance. “What’s this all about?” she questions as she looks from face to face. She is very leery to be around Marnie after the horrible interaction they had. Since she has not had a chance to share the incident with Marcus, she acts as if everything is fine. However, she does not invite the group in as she normally would. Instead, she stands in the way, holding the door ready to close it at any second.

“Um, can we come in?” asks Marcus with a smile as he gives Lyla a curious glance. “Oh, yes. Sorry.” Lyla steps to the side allowing all three to enter. “Let’s go to the living room, shall we?” She looks at Marcus lifting her eyebrows as if waiting for him to speak. He sits down next to Destry on the sofa while Marnie stands at the window looking out.

Excerpt 250

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