The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 284) She Mumbles

Lyla’s thoughts flash back to the night Marnie was slammed up against the front door by the man with glowing green eyes. Yet, Robert said Marnie was locked away at that time. One thing is obvious though, Marnie’s mind is too delicate at this moment for any questioning. With glazy eyes, she looks at Lyla as if she does not recognize her then turns to Robert.

“Did you check on Oliver? Does he like his new toys?” She says of her dog and then looks down and mumbles under her breath. Robert does not bother to reply; he looks at Lyla and shakes his head as Marnie continues. “I like red and coral nail polish, you know? It just looks good together. Everyone here likes my hair. I get all kinds of compliments on how stylish I am.” She fluffs the matted mess with her hand causing it to stick out in a very unflattering way. Tipping her head back and forth, she acts as if she is showing off a new haircut. “Don’t you just love it?” she grins as Lyla and Robert exchange a glance and their unspoken words say enough.

“Lyla, do you have anything you want to talk about?” ask Robert.

“Lyla!” says Marnie as she looks at the door to the hallway. “How could Lyla be here? She’s dead!” says Marnie as she turns to look at Robert and starts laughing in a wicked demented way for an extended amount of time. She then stops suddenly and says, “If you see her here then you’re looking at a ghost.” Her voice trails off slightly then she mumbles, “You dope.”

Excerpt 284

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