The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 285) In Silence

“No Marnie, Lyla is not dead, she is right here, she came to visit.” Robert says as he taps Lyla on the shoulder. This odd statement from Marnie sends chills through Lyla and she practically jumps out of her chair when he touches her. “Oh, I’m sorry Lyla.” He says apologetically.

All Lyla can think about now is why Marnie would say such a thing and where did she get the idea that she was dead? Marnie does not look up or act interested in what Robert has to say. In fact, she does not act as if she hears anything at all as she starts to shake her head slightly. “I’m tired, it’s past my bedtime and you should leave.” Marnie glares at Robert then yells loudly. “Come get me!”

A nurse enters the room and asks if things are going okay. Robert explains they will be leaving now and thanks her for the time. The nurse turns the wheelchair around and Marnie immediately begins talking about her hair and nails, just as she did when she first entered the room. Lyla watches out the doorway as Marnie and the nurse go down the hall out of sight while Robert signs a few papers and reviews the latest bill. Once complete, he and Lyla walk out to the car in silence.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lyla says as she puts her seatbelt on. “Yeah, I know.” Replies Robert. “Well, I’ve got to pick up a few things in town but I’ll run you home first.”

“You know, I need to check on the mail and such at the art shop, just drop me there and I can walk home when I’m done.” She offers. “That will save you from back tracking.”

“You got it.” Says Robert as he backs out of the parking spot.

Excerpt 285

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