The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 290) About Him

Hurriedly, Lyla rushes down the hall to the bathroom to gather a couple of towels. She is in a daze and unable to think clearly. Once in the small room she stands at the sink, both hands on the counter as she steadies herself by staring into the mirror. She is horribly frightened and incredibly excited at the same time.

What is Crispin Duff doing here? Had he not left town after all? Of what she has been able to recall, she once enjoyed his company and attention but what is it about him that she cannot remember? Is she in danger here, now? What secrets have her blocked memories concealed?

Lyla’s mind is spilling over with questions. When she returns to the foyer, Crispin is standing and he has closed the front door, separating them from the outside world. She is dreadfully anxious and almost fearful of being alone with him. Slowly she approaches as she keeps her eyes on his but only when he is looking down or away.

“You have my apologies. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He says in a calm manner.

Excerpt 290

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