The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 297) Inviting Space

Crispin looks away from the fire then down at his hands. Slowly moving his gaze to look Lyla in the eyes, he answers. “No,” his eyes do not waver nor does he blink. “There is no need to fear me.” Looking at each other across the table, they sit quietly.

“Are you hungry?” she asks as she looks toward the kitchen. Crispin continues to watch her. “Yes, I am.” He replies, his posture does not waver.  Lyla stands up and walks over to the corner of the room where she opens a cedar trunk. From it, she pulls out a large quilt and carries it back across the room handing it to Crispin.

“Here, we will have an indoor picnic. You can push the furniture back while I find us something to eat.” With that order in place, she leaves the room and goes to the kitchen. A few minutes later, she returns with a large wooden bowl of fruit, three types of sliced cheese, crackers, a loaf of French bread, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Crispin has pushed the chairs and table back, and turned the sofa slightly so it is facing the fireplace, yet leaving plenty of space for the pad he created on the floor with the quilt. Several piles of throw pillows are sitting along the perimeter creating a very inviting space.

Excerpt 297

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