The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 299) As Two People

“You have a cottage on the outskirts of town and I remember going there with you.” Lyla’s voice trails off. She does not want to reveal too much about her investigative trips there and is completely unaware that he already knows of her visits and that he observed her every move.

“Yes, you were with me at my cottage one evening for dinner. We had spent some time together before that day, going over business matters and such.” Crispin places a piece of cheese on a cracker as he continues. “Very quickly I realized how important you were to me and how very intuitive you were to my mission. I wanted to have dinner with you, as two people, not as business partners. I picked you up and we had a true Irish meal with all the trimmings.” He leans his arm against the hearth of the fireplace and pops the snack into his mouth.

“I do remember this, the power went out, right?” she asks as she holds her wineglass up and grins.

“Yes, you are correct.” Crispin agrees and laughs as well. “After dessert we moved our conversation closer to the fire.” He pauses as he looks at her. “We talked for hours and then you fell asleep on the sofa,” he pauses a moment, “in my arms.” He turns from her to look at the fire and pokes it slightly to readjust the wood.

Lyla is slightly embarrassed, partly because she does not remember the entire evening or the events that transpired between them. However, she remembers in one of her dreams of feeling warm and secure in someone’s arms. Was that someone Crispin? She wonders how close they truly became and decides to ask the question.

Excerpt 299

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