The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 331) On Edge

As the day progresses, Marcus and Severo spend their time discussing Crispin Duff and comparing their experiences. Even as implausible as their stories sound, they both conclude that Destry may be in imminent danger if she stays anywhere near the vineyard. Together they decide Marcus will take her back to the states on the next available flight. The thought process here is, the farther away from any connections with Duff Industries, the better. Little do they know, that by sending her home with Marcus they will be exposing her to the very man they wish to hide her from.

Destry and her uncle have been on the phone trying to find a place large enough to contain everything they can pull from the house. Call after call they take quotes and inquire about available space. Just as Destry hangs up from confirming a warehouse location for storage, Marcus and Severo enter the kitchen. Both men appear nervous and on edge.

“Oh Severo,” says Destry as she puts her arms around his neck. “They are only giving us three days to pack and move everything.”  He hugs her back but gives Marcus a concerned glance.

Excerpt 331

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