The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 332) Listen To Me

“I need you to do something,” Severo says as he pulls Destry’s arms from around his neck and looks her in the eyes. “I need you to know that everything will be fine. Your uncle and I will oversee the entire process, so don’t you worry, nothing will be left behind.” Lyla’s uncle nods in agreement with Severo.

“I think it’s best if you go back to the states with Marcus. There you will be able to relax. Just let us handle everything here, you do not need to be here for this, you shouldn’t have to go through your Grandmothers things.” Severo looks from Marcus to Destry’s uncle and all three men agree. “We will stay in touch and notify you when everything settles down.”

“No, I need to help, they are tearing Grandmother’s legacy apart.” Destry begins to cry. Severo holds her arms so she will look at him.

“Listen to me. They may be moving wood and iron, books and linens, but they will never tear Arrosa’s legacy down. Do you hear me? Never!” Severo hugs Destry again and nods to Marcus. “Your Grandmother loved you very much; she would not want you here having to endure this process. You go with Marcus now.”

Excerpt 332

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