The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 336) Where Is He

After filling Smokey’s bowl with food, Lyla walks back to the living room where she looks at the setting. She finds the empty wine bottle and two wineglasses next to the wooden bowl that she had piled with fruit, cheese, and bread. The quilt is on the floor and the furniture is setting out of the way.

“Okay, I know I didn’t pull all this out for nothing, where is he?” Lyla says to herself as she gathers things up to take to the kitchen. She folds the quilt and places it back in the wooden chest that she pulled it from the night before. Gathering all the various pillows off the floor, she tosses them onto their proper piece of furniture.

All of the food is in the wooden bowl so she picks it up, along with the wine glasses, and starts across the foyer to the kitchen. As she gets to the middle of the room, she looks up at the second floor landing. Watching and listening she debates on whether she should go up and look around.

“Crispin?” she asks hoping that maybe he is upstairs, but she does not receive a reply. Assuming he has left, she continues to the kitchen where Smokey is sill nibbling on her food.

Excerpt 336

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