The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 338) Melting

“I was beginning to think I had been dreaming.”Lyla says as she takes a step in Crispin’s direction. He also steps forward and as they meet, they both reach out and hold hands. “I have a meeting this morning, but I want to continue our conversation later if that’s alright. I have much more to share with you and there are a few things that must be explained.” Crispin pulls her to him enveloping her in his strong arms.

With her head on his chest, she feels as if she is melting into him. She wants to stay here, in the protection of his arms and the warmth of his body. “When will you be back?” She asks without moving.

“I should be free late this afternoon.” States Crispin as he touches his head to hers. “May I join you later?”

“Yes, most definitely.” She replies as she looks up at him. He pulls her in kissing her fervently. She does not want him to go. “I will see you tonight, Lyla.” Crispin holds his gaze with her then steps toward the door. She follows and once he starts down the porch steps, she slowly closes the door behind him. Grinning from ear to ear, she heads upstairs to her bedroom where she washes her face, changes clothes, and piles her hair into a haphazard bun of sorts.

Excerpt 338

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