The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 341) Their Exit

Destry follows Marcus but hesitates before closing the door behind them. Looking at the pain in Destry’s eyes, Marcus wants to turn around, march into the kitchen and punch Quinn in his smug face. However, he knows this is the wrong approach but it is a very tempting thought. After loading the car with their luggage, they slowly drive down the gravel road and away from the beautiful vineyard. With their flight already scheduled, there is no time to spare or deviate from their exit.

At the end of the drive, where the gravel meets the main road, all the pickers, workers, and staff members have gathered. Leading the pack is Severo and every one of them are waiving and blowing kisses to Destry as the car approaches them.

“Oh,” says Destry as she begins to cry.

“Do you want me to stop?” asks Marcus.

“No,” she says softly as she rolls the window down.

Sticking her hand out, she waves back at everyone until rounding a curve in the road and the wonderful group of people are no longer visible.

Excerpt 341

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