The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 344) Quiet House

The last time Lyla opened the door to the little nook, was to free Smokey, and then darkness overcame her. Thinking about this makes her shiver and she quickly exits the small space closing the door with a loud bang. She begins to sort out the events in her mind.

“If it was Crispin that came up behind me. . . why would he do that?” she says aloud as she slowly turns around. “Was it me? Did I envision the whole thing? Was I so frightened I caused my own fainting spell?” She does know that she never wants to experience a repeat of that episode. “Should I trust Crispin as much as I think I do?” she begins to question.

“Oh stop it Lyla,” she says aloud. Smokey hears her talking and comes running after her answering with a dry meow. “You agree, don’t you little one?” She says as she reaches down and scoops the big feline into her arms. “I love you little girl.” She carries her cat with her to the sunroom where she lies down on the settee and Smokey snuggles in beside her. With a big yawn, Lyla closes her eyes.

“Oh wow, I’m really tired all of a sudden. Guess three hours of sleep isn’t quite enough hum Smokes?” Again Smokey replies in her dry raspy voice as she curls up next to Lyla. Soon, both are fast asleep in the quiet house and Lyla begins to dream.

Excerpt 344

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