The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 350) With A Wink

With the sun below the horizon, there is a band of red skirting the sky to the west. Off in the distance, the light of day descends for the night. It is late evening and pushing nine o’clock. Several lit candles are on the table creating a romantic subtle glow between Lyla and Crispin. She is enjoying his company immensely but finds herself wanting to question him about Destry’s family. In the message she received from Marcus, it sounded like they would not be allotted sufficient time to move personal items out of the house. She wants to know why these dealings must be handled in such a ruthless manner but is afraid of creating a wedge between them by voicing her concern.

“I have cheesecake in the kitchen,” She says as she gets ready to stand up. “No, you stay right here. I will take our plates in and return with dessert.” Says Crispin as he gathers as much as he can without spilling anything. Lyla sits grinning as he stacks and turns the plates, bumping the table and almost spilling the wine in the process. With a wink to Lyla, he turns and successfully carries everything into the house and down the hall.

“Hey, you eating out alone?” says Marcus as he comes through the back gate. Startle,d Lyla turns around and stands up. “Marcus?” she asks as she squints to see into the darkness.

Excerpt 350

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