The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 351) Leading Him

“We just got back. It’s pretty cool to leave Spain in the morning and arrive home by night.” Marcus grins as he refers to his appreciation for the time difference. “It’s like traveling back in time. Man I am tired though. Whatever you’re cooking smells great.” He walks over to where Lyla is standing. “You have company?” he asks as he looks at the table setting for two.

“Yes, I. . . we just finished with dinner.” Lyla is wondering how Marcus will feel once he realizes she and Crispin have been spending time together. After all, Marcus disliked Crispin from the very beginning and she remembers all the research he did as well as the warnings he proclaimed. Now she realizes how accurate he was about most of it. What is he going to say when Crispin steps out the door?

“Who’s here?” he asks as he looks toward the open veranda door. “So what’s going on with Destry?” Lyla asks as she grabs Marcus by the arm leading him out to the yard. He does not seem to question her actions.

“It’s awful, she’s completely wiped out. Those goons have destroyed everything her Grandmother built and have practically kicked the family off the property without any personal belongings.” He folds his arms.

“I thought you said they would be hauling things off.” Replies Lyla worried that Crispin may be on his way back to the table.

“Yeah, three days, that ass gave them three days!” Marcus grits his teeth as he talks. He is tired from the trip, worried about Destry, and has more things to tell Lyla than he can even imagine touching on right now.

At the worst possible time, Crispin comes out from the house carrying the cheesecake.

Excerpt 351

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  1. You can’t beat a cheesecake cliffhanger 🙂

    April 5, 2014 at 7:35 am

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