The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 352) Brainwashed

“What the hell are you doing here?” Yells Marcus as he clenches his fists and heads in Crispin’s direction. He grabs Crispin by his collar shoving him against the side of the house. His foe does not fight back but merely stands firm and unemotional. “I should kill you for all the evil things you’ve done!” Marcus says as he once again grits his teeth together. He has the top of Crispin’s shirt clutched tightly in his hand and is so full of rage that it almost frightens Lyla. With his other hand locked into a fist he holds it up ready to punch.

“No Marcus, you don’t understand!” Lyla yells as she steps in between them. “What the hell are you doing? Have you been brainwashed by this monster?” Marcus asks while continuing to holding Crispin in position and still keeping his fist tight for a punch. He wants so badly to hit Crispin in the face.

“No she has not and I understand your frustration, Marcus.” Crispin says in a very businesslike and distinguished manner. “I believe its best that I go.”

“Damn right it is!” Marcus yells as he releases his hold and turns away. Lyla looks at Crispin as a hint of doubt enters into her mind. Can she truly trust what Crispin told her? His demeanor is unruffled and he looks Lyla directly in the eye as he speaks. “You two need to talk, I will be back and I will give my side of the story.” Crispin says peacefully. He then leans in closer to Lyla. “Listen to me; I can explain all of this.” Marcus overhears this statement.

“You better get the hell out of here now before I come unglued and we both end up in the morgue!” Marcus says loudly and without turning to face Crispin.

Excerpt 352

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