The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 358) Intentions

Marcus hears Crispin’s words loud and clear. With all of his memory back in full force, he knows Crispin can easily kill him, right here in the middle of the street with no questions asked. He also knows Destry can become more of a target than she already is but how is he supposed to protect Lyla in this as well? He cannot just let her fall victim to this malice. “What is your obsession with Lyla? Don’t you think you’ve hurt her enough?” Marcus states firmly standing his ground, but inside he is petrified. Crispin lets out a loud boisterous laugh that startles him.

“You really think I have to answer to you?” Crispin asks as he smiles. “My intentions are good when it comes to Lyla, so do not worry your creative little mind about that. I assure you, Marcus. . . I will protect and care for Lyla far better than anyone, including you.” He holds his stance and Marcus takes a step back.

“If you hurt her. . .” Marcus starts to say but Crispin interrupts him.

“I won’t, Marcus. . . you have my word on that.” Crispin practically bows as he steps back.

He turns and slowly walks into the shadows of the tree-lined street. A slight tapping sound echoes with each step taken. Marcus strains as he watches him walk away and maybe he is just tired from jet lag, but it looks as if Crispin disappears into thin air. Rubbing his eyes Marcus tries to focus again in the direction of Crispin’s retreat but it seems he is now quite alone. Shivering slightly, he is not sure if the air is simply cooler, or if his contact with Crispin is the cause.

Marcus resumes walking in the direction of the art shop but his pace quickens after only a few steps. In his mind, he cannot get to Destry fast enough.

Excerpt 358

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