The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 361) Up We Go

Lyla cannot quite put her finger on it but Crispin seems different somehow, colder and distant. Is he angry because Marcus caused such a scene? She does not feel as safe around him as she did earlier in the evening. “You know we should go to the living room and just talk a little more; maybe I’ll remember things without climbing into the dingy attic.” She says as she starts to turn the other way. Crispin blocks her path and takes her hand in his.

“Nonsense, here I’ll help you.” He says as he pops the door open, reaches inside the cubical and flips the switch on the wall next to the ladder.

“You know, we should probably grab a flashlight.” Lyla turns to go find one when Crispin tugs at her hand pulling her towards him. He points to the one he is carrying in his pocket.

“Would you feel better if you hold it?” He asks as he pulls it from his pocket and extends the light out toward her. Slowly, she takes it from him. “Come on, up we go!” He pushes her slightly as they both enter the small space. With him standing behind her, she barely has room to bend her knee to step on the first rung of the ladder. Very slowly, she starts climbing up. Her legs are shaking slightly from nervousness and as soon as she clears several steps, she hears Crispin place his foot on the wooden rung. She stops where she is.

“What is it?” He asks. Lyla does not respond immediately. She feels panicked and confused as to why this is necessary.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” she says as she tries to conceal her fright.

Excerpt 361

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