The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 364) She Was Me

“Turn the ceiling light back on, you’re blinding me with the flashlight.” Lyla is clearly losing her patients. “Why are you acting so weird?” she questions.

“Here, let me set the stage so I can better explain the chain of events,” says Crispin as he places two fingers over the flashlight dimming the beam but still illuminating Lyla’s face.

“You’ve just been told that your pastry-making town gossip friend has been found dead and Marcus has you believing foul play is to blame.” Crispin starts to circle around her with very slow deliberate steps.

“Then you see poor selfish Marnie, sulking in the corner, as you go to comfort her you discover she is not at all who you believe her to be.” Crispin stops behind Lyla then jumps in front of her and says, “Instead, she was me!” He flashes the light in Lyla’s eyes once again and she turns to the side to keep from being blinded by the beam.

Excerpt 364

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