The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 367) Images Begin

Lying on the floor, Lyla feels as if the room is spiraling in all directions. Her senses are neither awake nor asleep as she closes her eyes in an attempt to stop the churning and twisting of the things around her. Flashes of images begin to appear to her and she tenses up as they play out in her mind. She is reaching out to tap Marnie on the shoulder but as she turns, she sees that it is Crispin. She backs up through a crowd of people and he follows. As he looks into the eyes of the people around him, his image changes to mirror them.

Suddenly she flashes into another scene, this time she is in the attic crawling backward through the beams. The space around her is as black as night and she cannot see much at all in the glow of the flashlight. She knows Crispin is close behind, following along as if hunting for the pleasure of the chase. His eyes are wild with color as he grabs at her foot pulling her back to him several times.

Her visions show that lightning flickers behind her as she watches Crispin turn into Marcus. She now covers her eyes and begins to cry then hears Crispin’s voice reciting a poem. The same one from the note he gave her last night along with the red tipped white rose. She now feels him kissing her softly.

Abruptly this vision flashes forward showing that she is hiding from him, terrified when he finds her huddled behind the cold bricks of the fireplace. Now she sees him in the moonlight pleading with her to come with him.

“Please stay with me, Lyla.” He says as his lips touch hers, pushing him back, she hears her own voice scream, “No!”

Excerpt 367

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