The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 372) Farewell

“I can’t have you waltzing in here destroying all that I have built.” Quinn says to Lyla in a calm yet arrogant tone, he then nods as if he thinks Crispin is still behind him. “My nephew does good work, actually the best that’s ever been. I can even say he taught me a thing or two, but he has a soft spot and it happens to be for you.” States Quinn in the same gravelly tone he used earlier.

Lyla now realizes that Quinn is the one that came back to the house after Marcus escorted Crispin out. He too must have the skills that Crispin spoke of for he proved to be a very convincing duplicate. “I believe it’s time to meet your fate, Lyla.” He says as he looks at the opening to the ladder. Even in the dim lighting, Lyla catches onto his intentions immediately. He is going to push her down the shaft! She grabs a hold of the railing with both hands and Quinn laughs.

“Handrails won’t save you when they are faulty.” He says as he kicks at the wood breaking her hold. With one more kick, the rail breaks free. It falls two stories to the floor below making a splintering cracking sound as it hits the bottom. “That’s too bad.” He says as he cringes at the sound it made. “I’m sorry dear, but the carpenters must have forgotten to secure the rail when they were here working on the house. I’m sure someone will feel very guilty about your fall and I assure you it won’t be me.” He grins in an evil way as the color in his eyes flash and Lyla steps back. Reaching his hand out to grab her he says, “I must now bid you farewell.”

“Indeed!” Crispin yells. He rushes at Quinn before he gets his hand on Lyla. Kicking him in the back, this sends Quinn into a stumble and he steps over the ledge, tumbling down into the dark abyss to fall victim to his own sordid ploy. Immediately, Crispin pulls Lyla to him, and holds her firmly as his eyes become tear-filled.

Excerpt 371

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