The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 374) Their Descent

To Lyla’s surprise Crispin takes her by the hand, picks the flashlight up from the floor, and leads her to the back wall of the attic. They follow it going east which takes them to a chimney. This flu services the fireplace to the second floor bedroom as well as the dining room on the first floor. He taps on an ornate block of wood and a thin door unlatches. Pulling it open, it creaks a bit as it scrapes across the floor. Crispin then steps inside the small hall as Lyla stands still watching him. He turns to look at her, smiles, and extends his hand.

“Come on, it will be alright.” He says softly. Holding on to Crispin’s hand, Lyla follows him through short little nooks that twist and turn as they make their descent. All the sharp angles and little steps remind her of what a haunted house at a carnival is like. They turn to the right and down several steps until they walk straight then turn to the left. She has no idea of which direction they are going.

How is it that Crispin knows of this passageway? It is as if he is more familiar with this house than she is. Months ago, when she was trying to find her way out of the attic she headed in the opposite direction and found herself in a trap.

“In a trap.” She thinks to herself. “Am I walking into a trap now?”

Excerpt 374

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