The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 375) Downstairs

Instead of following the passageway to the first floor, Crispin stops at the entry to the guest bedroom. He pulls a latch and it clicks releasing a wooden side panel that opens to the room. This is the room Marcus and Lyla spent time in the night of the party. They discussed the odd things that were happening and Marcus explained his theory that Crispin might be a doppelgänger, which has turned out to be true.

“How did you know there was a hidden passage?” Lyla asks as she stands just inside the entry to the room. She looks back at the small hall and steep steps they just came from.

“I stayed here, with my aunt, for a short time when I was very young.” Replies Crispin as once again, he holds his hand out to assist her.

“I remember a girl my age would stand out near the road and look up at the windows. I used to tell myself she knew I was here.” He grins and Lyla wonders if the little girl he speaks of was her.

Sweetly, Crispin helps Lyla out of the passage keeping his arm around her as if he is afraid she will faint. He closes the thin door behind them and they walk out into the dark hall. He is extremely familiar with the layout of the house and takes Lyla directly to her bedroom. She sits on the bed while he turns the lamp on as well as the light in the bathroom.

“Would you like me to run you a bath?” he asks as he sits next to her. “While you’re in there I can start a fire so your room will be warm.” He looks down at the floor. “I must tend to things downstairs as well.” Lyla knows this is in reference to his uncle.

Excerpt 375

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