The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 377) Too Much

Crispin consumes Lyla’s thoughts. She is very worried about him and the guilt he must be feeling for killing his uncle. It was all so bizarre and what could she have possibly done for Quinn to want her dead? How many times has he twined Crispin and how many times did Quinn take matters into his own hands without Crispin’s knowledge?

After spending nearly an hour in the bathtub, Lyla steps out and slips into her night-clothes. Just as she is about to venture out into the hall to find Crispin she hears a thump on the wall. Pulling the door open, she is face to face with him. He is leaning up against the wall to the right of her doorway. With deep dark circles under his eyes and tears streaking down his cheeks, he holds his stomach and doubles over. He is in severe pain and is barely able to move.

“Oh my god! Crispin what is it?” she asks as she grabs him around his waist. He looks as if he is about to fall so she pulls his arm up and around her neck as she attempts to get him into the room where he can sit down. He groans in agony with every move.

“No, it’s nothing to worry about.” He says with a weak voice as she helps him to the bed. His skin is clammy and pale and he is shaking. “I needed to make sure you were alright. I just tried to do too much too soon.” He says as his voice fades.

Excerpt 377

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