The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 379) To Rest

Slowly and gently, Lyla helps Crispin slide up on the bed resting him back against the mound of pillows. His skin is very pale, almost translucent, and he is shaking severely as if he is freezing. With rapid and labored breathing, he struggles to get air as he sits up gasping.

After a few minutes of this frightful experience, he lets out a long sigh and leans back closing his eyes to rest. Covering him with the bed sheet, Lyla holds her hand on his chest to make sure he is breathing. The slow up and down motion of each breath reassures her.

After turning off the lights, she adds a couple of logs to the fire. Quickly dampening a washcloth with cool water, she sits down on the bed next to Crispin. His eyes are closed and his breathing is calm as she runs the cloth over his forehead and face.

After several minutes, she takes the cloth to the sink and studies her reflection in the mirror. Taking a few minutes to compose herself, she then turns and looks back at the bedroom to find Smokey has decided to join them. She is curled up in her nightly spot on the bed and does not seem to be afraid that Crispin is there.

Excerpt 379

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