The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 380) To Relinquish

Quietly, Lyla slips in under the sheet and slides over next to Crispin. She looks at his face and watches as his body moves up and down with each breath. Feeling that he is now comfortable, she very gently rests her head on his chest. Without opening his eyes, he wraps his arms around her securing her next to him.

Many thoughts are running through her mind as she puts her memories in order. Hours ago in the attic, when Crispin and Quinn were fighting and she was fading in and out of consciousness, she recalls a confusing memory of Crispin. He was holding her face within inches of his as he forced her eyes open. He kept saying, “Please don’t make me do this.” What did he mean by this? Was this a plea to his uncle, was he asking him not to force him into taking her life? That had to be it for she is not frightened of him, not even after remembering this intense part of the past.

Lyla looks up at Crispin’s face. Now that his breathing is slow and rhythmic, she is relieved that he has fallen asleep. Pressing herself even closer to him, she wraps her arm around his body. She too decides to relinquish the day and give way to the natural progression of the night as she falls asleep in his arms.

Excerpt 380

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