The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 382) A Body

Without a word, Marnie enters the shop. Marcus looks up to see if Destry is in view, but she is not. He watches Marnie as she silently walks over to the counter and sits on one of the bar stools. Remembering what he and Lyla had discussed about Marnie’s state of mind, he is not sure of what to expect during this visit. “So what’s got you out and about today?” he questions. Marnie looks at him as if he is asking her a very hard question.

“What?” she says finally. “What do you want?”

“Um, I don’t want anything, you came here, remember?” states Marcus as he turns on a lamp and gets things organized for shoppers.

“Did you know I was in the hospital? I haven’t been feeling well, not sure why I was there, met some nice people though.” She states calmly.

“Yeah? Well that’s good.” Says Marcus, he is still not sure of what Marnie is talking about or why she decided to visit his shop this morning. “Is there something I can help you with, Marnie?” Looking around at the artwork she mumbles something and Marcus steps closer to clarify her statement. “I didn’t catch that, what did you say?” he leans in to listen closer and Marnie turns to face him.

“I said, Lyla is dead!” She says in a hatefully tone.

“What?” Questions Marcus. “What has happened, why would you say that?” he asks frantically.

“I saw him there, taking a body from her house last night. He had it all wrapped up, nice and neat, but I could tell what it was.” Marnie grins. “I’m pretty sure it was Lyla.”

Before Marcus can process what she said, Marnie moves toward the entry and walks out the door leaving him standing alone and stunned. He is very concerned that something horrible has happened to Lyla.

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