The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 383) I Assume

Lyla’s cell phone is on the table near her bed and it begins to ring waking her. She rolls over, looks at the clock and sees that it reads ten-thirty in the morning. She answers the call. “Um, hello?” she says softly.

“Lyla? Lyla is that you?” Marcus questions in an extremely anxious manner. “Yes, it’s me. What is wrong, Marcus?” She has picked up the urgency in his tone.

“I, I just needed to make sure you were alright.” He says quickly. “Marnie was here and . . .”

“Marnie?” Lyla says as she cuts him off. “How was Marnie there? She is locked-up at the hospital, or at least she was recently. Did she get out?” Lyla questions now becoming fully awake. She looks over her shoulder and sees that Crispin is gone and this worries her.

“Okay, man, I’m so glad you’re alright. Marnie scared me half to death. She was at the door when I opened the shop, she must have been sitting out there waiting.” Marcus says almost out of breath. “She said she saw him, which I assume is Crispin, at your house last night. He carried a body out?” he says with uncertainty.

“Really?” questions Lyla. “Yeah, is she acting weird or what?” he states.

“Yeah, or what is right.” Says Lyla as she gets out of bed to look for Crispin. His shoes are not on the floor near the window where she left them last night.

Excerpt 383

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