The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 385) Reaches Out

Oddly enough, Lyla finds her mind wondering if Quinn’s body went to the morgue or if Crispin made other arrangements. She cannot imagine him utilizing local service for fear of drawing attention to himself. Due to the circumstances, would the town law enforcement be suspicious?

“Crispin?” says Lyla as she starts down the staircase. She does not receive a reply and to her, the house feels a bit unsettling. With bare feet, she steps off the last step and onto the wooden floor of the foyer. She can see that the lock is latched shut on the front door so she glances over to see if Crispin is in the dining or living rooms but both appear to be empty. She decides to go to the kitchen even though she knows she may see things there that will disturb her.

She cannot help but think about what happened last night and how Quinn’s life ended. Slowly Lyla pushes the swinging door open as she enters the kitchen. The lights are on and a fresh pot of coffee is sitting on the warmer. Her eyes are immediately drawn to the little cupboard door that houses the ladder to the attic and the spot where Quinn met his demise. Stepping closer to the door she reaches out to turn the handle when very near her Crispin says, “Lyla.”

Excerpt 385

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