The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 386) Surprises Him

Crispin saying her name causes Lyla to jump slightly and she pulls back from the door. Turning around, she looks up at him and watches him intently for any expressions that may let her know how he is feeling. “I was very worried about you last night, are you feeling okay?” she asks softly.

“I am much better now, yes.” He reaches out to her putting his arm around her waist as he guides her away from the small pantry door and over to the kitchen island. “Care for a cup?” he asks as he motions to the coffee pot with his hand as if he were selling her a product.  “But of course.” Lyla says with a smile. Before moving very far at all, she makes a quick turn and hugs him tightly, which surprises him a little.

“What is it?” He asks as he laughs slightly. He pulls her to him holding her in an affectionate embrace. He is worried that she is upset or frightened from the recent events and she would have every reason to be.

“I’m just glad you’re here, that’s all, and that you’re okay.” Lyla looks up at him with watery eyes. “I was so concerned for your health last night and. . . and I’m so sorry for the pain you have endured because of. . .” Crispin cuts her short.

“No, Lyla. We do not need to discuss it and I do not want you to worry about it.” Crispin says as he pulls her close once again. “Listen, I must take care of several matters. One is extremely important, and what needs to be done, well it must be dealt with very delicately. Depending on how things go, I may be unreachable for a couple of days.”

Excerpt 386

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