The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 387) In The Past

Lyla has accepted her strong feelings for Crispin and this in itself frightens and confuses her. She knows there are many facets of his life that are mysterious and she may find it hard to understand the process. However, she wants to be there for him no matter what.

Many sorted memories do continue to come forward and she has to admit they cause her to question his motives. Yet, she cannot deny the attraction that is so very strong. With her head still buried in his chest and hating the fact that he must now leave, Lyla knows she must ask a question that is troubling her.

“While you are away handling this thing you must take care of. . .  is it something that will affect you again like last night?” She hesitates to ask this as she tries to keep her composure and not show fear.

“No, it is nothing like last night.” Says Crispin as he looks out though the kitchen window to the garden. Pulling her back so he can look her in the eyes he says, “Listen, I know there are still questions that you need answers for.” He pauses slightly. “I want you to understand that I’ve made mistakes and handled things in the wrong manner in the past and I’m so enormously sorry for my foul behavior.”

Excerpt 387

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