The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 396) Upstairs

“What in the world was that all about?” Lyla says to herself as she glances back up at her bedroom window. Is there any chance that Marnie is under the influence of something or someone in the house? “I wonder if Crispin has come back and she mistook him for, whom? Quinn? Who in the world would she be waving at?” Lyla says in a murmur.

Taking her work gloves off, she places them on a rock next to the garden pond and walks to the house. Sweet scents blow in with the spring breeze and she smiles at how it makes her feel. She is hopeful that Crispin has returned, even if it is just because he forgot something. Walking into the house, she yells out.

“Crispin?” she says as she steps into the sunroom. “Did you forget something?” She walks down the hall to the staircase and looks up at the landing. She has not felt afraid in the house for the past couple of days but right now, that old familiar sensation of someone watching her is creeping in. Shivering she hugs her arms for warmth.

“If anyone is upstairs, I’m pretty sure it’s not Crispin.” She mumbles as she looks around, then slowly backs out of the foyer, and quickly walks down the hall to the veranda. Once outside she feels much better and decides to spend the next few hours there.

Excerpt 396

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