The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 397) Someone

As the day wears on, Lyla has managed to get a lot of yard work completed in a few hours time. Now with mid-afternoon approaching, she decides to walk into town and visit with Marcus and Destry. Maybe even have an early dinner with them at the café. After putting her tools away in a cabinet near the back door, she steps into the downstairs bathroom and tidies her hair. This is when she hears it, someone is crying.

She stands very still, as she listens for the sound to start up again, and then it does. It is a moaning and mumbling as someone talks then cries out in agony. This sends an instant quiver up Lyla’s back and she shakes her arms out to her side in response.

“What in the world?” She says to herself as she steps out into the downstairs hall. “It’s coming from upstairs.” Without any lights on, the house is shadowed and it seems as if the air is heavy with sorrow. Walking down the hall very close to the long wall, Lyla peeks up at the second floor. She bravely stands there listening for the sound and sure enough, it is coming from the rooms above.

“Is someone there?” she yells.

Excerpt 397

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