The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 404) Sensitive

Knowing how the events transpired last night, Lyla can believe that Crispin pulled Marcus aside to explain his stance on things, but she doubts he would have threatened to hurt anyone. She feels that possibly Marcus is being overly sensitive and mistook Crispin’s statement. There is a desire in her to explain the things she has learned from Crispin about his life, his abilities, and his uncle.

“Marcus, there are things about Crispin you need to know. Things that will help you see him in a different light, as I do. I think you would grow to like him once you understand him.” She says quietly.

“No, I think you’re nuts and yes, we do need to talk about it.” Says Marcus. He is almost angry that Lyla would have the nerve to defend Crispin. Especially after all the terrible things he has done and is doing to Destry’s family. Lyla begins to explain her statement when Destry rejoins them.

“What are you two whispering about?” she grins as she loops her arm around Marcus.

Excerpt 404

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