The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 405) His Glare

In response to Destry joining the conversation, Lyla quickly and drastically changes the subject . “I was asking Marcus if he ever showed you the conglomerate of art supplies and unfinished projects in the back storage closet, it’s a disaster! You definitely won’t want to move that stuff, it all needs to be tossed. Better yet, just strike a match and let it burn.” she grins.

“Oh really?” Destry quizzes as she hugs on Marcus. He is glaring at Lyla. “So you’re worried about what we’ll find in the back?” she giggles. Destry mistakes the look on Marcus’ face thinking his reaction truly pertains to the subject of the back room. In actuality, he is furious that Lyla is taking up for and siding with Crispin Duff.

“You know what? I think we should walk down to the café. We can have a light dinner and a few drinks toasting the happy news.” Lyla offers as she continues to distance them from the subject of Crispin.

“Yes, I agree. We should, lets lock up.” Says Destry as she reaches over and grabs the store keys off the counter. “We are going to announce the store is closing soon anyhow, what will it hurt to close an hour or two early today.” She smiles at Marcus finally drawing his glare from Lyla. As soon as he and Destry make eye contact, his demeanor softens.

“Actually, that does sound like a good idea.” Replies Marcus.

Excerpt 405

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