The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 408) Final Statement

The tall points and peaks of the roofline are coming into view just beyond the trees. Bright yellow and orange colors tip the tops as the last rays of the sun make their final statement for the day. Lyla knows she will be alone in the house tonight and does not expect to hear from Crispin. She finds herself missing him and wondering where he might be spending his time. Most of all, she hopes he is not enduring any pain or sorrow. Walking into the house it seems to have an echoing effect as each sound she makes magnifies throughout. Running down the hall with a heavy pitter-patter, is Smokey as she comes to greet Lyla. After a dry meow, she immediately waddles her way to the kitchen.

“Oh you’re not hungry are you little one?” questions Lyla as she follows her fat cat. “We really need to think about getting you on a diet.”

Laughing at her own comment, Lyla pulls a can of food from the pantry and opens it up. Smokey meows loudly and walks in circles clearly unable to contain all of her energy and it is impossible for her to stand in one spot. As soon as the bowl is down on the floor, she dives in lapping it up as if she has been without food for days. Lyla shakes her head and grins.

Suddenly, there is a loud bang and it sounds like it came from the small pantry door that leads to the attic. It is so loud that Smokey stops eating and bolts out of the room.

Excerpt 408

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