The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 410) To Her Right

Smokey hunches down beside the last step of the staircase and hisses loudly before she scurries around the corner toward the sunroom. Looking around Lyla is not sure of what to think. She glances into the living and dining rooms and everything seems to be in its rightful place except for one thing. The stained glass lantern she obtained while in Madrid is not on the little table near the door.

“Now, where did that get off to?” She says in a whisper as she looks around. “I know I didn’t move it.” Glancing up at the second floor landing, she sees it sitting on the hall table. “What? I didn’t move that up there.”

She heads up the staircase and once on the second floor, she stops to pick up the lantern. There is a loud and odd sound coming from a room to her right. This is at the opposite end of the house from her bedroom and immediately, she hears it again. It is a popping or knocking sound and appears to be coming from the room she and Crispin exited through after fleeing the attic last night.

Excerpt 410

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