The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 413) Accident

“Marnie? What are you doing?” Lyla asks as she looks up at her.

“I’m solving my own problems.” Marnie replies. “Is the floor cold?” Looking at the rope on her hands, Lyla glances up again at Marnie not answering her question. “Well, if you feel the floor is cold, it won’t be for long. Let me get a fire started and then you can have your accident.” The tone of Marnie’s voice is very strange and scornful.

“What?” asks Lyla as she pulls at the rope and pipe.

“It’s a sad thing, you know it? You started a fire but accidentally tripped and dropped your stupid little lantern setting the entire house ablaze.” Marnie says with a smile. “Don’t worry, the rope will burn away from your hands and no one will ever know you were actually placed here on purpose. No one will ever suspect that I was ever here at all.”

“Have you gone nuts?” Lyla says as she tugs on the pipe. Marnie swiftly turns to glare at her.

“You made me look stupid at your party, Lyla. I was supposed to be with Crisp that night.” Marnie turns and begins to wad up paper and then  tosses it into the cold fireplace. “I should have been the main attraction, not you, not him. ME!” she says as she throws a ball of paper at Lyla’s face.

Excerpt 413

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