The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 414) Because Of You

“Everybody thought you and Crispin were so great together. They made comments about what a nice looking couple you two were.” Marnie continues to crumple paper stacking an excessive amount of it up on the fire grate. “He was so mean to me, did you know that? Did you know he yelled at me and called me names?” Marnie asks.

“No, I didn’t.” replies Lyla as she tries to work at loosening the rope.

“Oh my yes, he said horrible things to me and his words really hurt my feelings.” She yells. “Who is he to do that? Then I figured it out, it was because of you. You were the reason he was so mean to me.” Marnie says as she lays thin pieces of wood along the top of the many layers of paper. “I am always everyone’s favorite and I expect to be the center of attention, but that night was different. You were bossing me around, telling me to find Penny.” Marnie slams a piece of wood down on the hearth of the fireplace.

“Yes, because we were worried about her, I needed your help.” Replies Lyla firmly. She remembers the drunken stupor Marnie was in that night and is very surprised she has any recollection of anything at all.

Excerpt 414

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