The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 415) Your Fault

“Oh sure, now you act like you needed my help or something.” Marnie runs her hands through her hair twisting and tugging at it as she glances up at the wood trim near the ceiling. “Hum, I never noticed how pretty the wood trim is in this room, it is really nice.” She spins around as she follows the line of the wall then returns to  her original thought.

“You just bossed me around so I would look inferior and your trick worked because Crisp was treating me different.” Marnie stands up and walks over to the window to use it as a mirror. She tips and turns looking at her hair and fluffing it up with her hands. “Penny was probably fine all along and you had me on some wild goose chase!” She stops and turns as she glares at Lyla for a few seconds.

“Penny is dead now. . . and that is your fault!” She says coldly as she points at Lyla. “You might as well have killed her with your own hands.” She stomps over as if she is going to kick her and Lyla tips her head trying to protect herself the best she can. Thankfully, Marnie stops short.

Excerpt 415

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