The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 417) Warped

“Marnie, I want to help you, please don’t do this.” Says Lyla as she discreetly picks at the rope binding her hands.

“Nope, not going to happen. You are wrong again, Lyla. Oh my, this is just not your night, is it?” Marnie strikes the match and quickly touches it to the paper and the fire takes.

Flames shoot up between the strips of wood, popping and crackling as the paper burns away. Lyla now becomes a little more desperate as she works at freeing herself but she cannot get the ropes loose enough to break away from the pipe. She watches as Marnie tips the stained glass lantern over dumping the fluid out around the door and windows. The strong scent of kerosene burns at her nose as Marnie sets it down on the floor next to Lyla’s feet.

In a quick flash Lyla sees herself holding the lantern as she walks down a smoke-filled hall. She has witnessed this scene repeatedly in her reoccurring nightmares and now knows the visions were premonitions of what was to come. Somehow, she has to get free before Marnie kills them both.

“See Lyla? This is where you fall and hit your poor little head. You dope!” Marnie kicks the lamp over spilling the last of the fluid next to Lyla’s legs. Pulling back quickly to keep from being soaked, Lyla watches Marnie’s warped performance.

“Then the whole place goes up in flames. Poof!” Marnie says as she flicks her hands in the air mimicking an explosion.

Excerpt 417

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