The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 419) Steps Up

A few blocks away at the art shop, Destry and Marcus are working on their plans for the future.

“Marcus, do you know where you put the to-do-list we were marking off?” Destry asks as she leans over the railing of the loft. “Yeah, it’s right here on the counter.” He says as he looks up at her. “Great, I’ll come down and get it.” She replies.

As Marcus watches her step back from the rail and out of view, there is a knock at the door. Looking up he does not see anyone there, which of course he finds peculiar. He steps around the counter and walks toward the door. Peering out it does not appear anyone is there until Crispin steps up closer to the glass.

“Shit!” says Marcus as he jumps back. “What do you want?” He asks through the large pane of glass as he looks out at Crispin.

“I’d like to come in and discuss something with you.” Crispin replies in a calm manner. He can tell Marcus is very uncertain about letting him in. “I promise you, this is with only the very best of intentions.”

“No,” says Destry as she steps up taking her place next to Marcus. Looking through the door, she stares at Crispin with hatred and the lock on the door remains bolted.

Excerpt 419

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