The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 421) I Am Inclined

Marcus looks over at Destry and turns the latch allowing Crispin to step inside the gallery. They walk over to the counter where Marcus puts his arm around Destry holding her closely to him as if he thinks Crispin will snatch her away. Crispin stands across the counter from them and lays the book out, facing them so it is easy to read.

“What is this?” questions Destry as she looks down at the pages.

“This book lists your Grandmother’s wishes.” states Crispin, “And she wished for you to be the rightful owner of the vineyard and I am inclined to honor that wish.”

“What?” Destry questions as she quickly looks at Marcus with a shocked expression. Marcus reads from the book.

“I Arrosa Valente am of sound mind. Upon my demise, I wish for my Granddaughter, Destry Boucher, to be the recipient of my wonderful vineyard, house, and all outbuildings. Along with my estate she shall have access to all funds listed under my name.”

Excerpt 421

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