The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 422) Most Of All

Destry begins to cry as Marcus reads aloud and she follows along. Standing here, reading her Grandmother’s written words, she turns to the next page and lets out a long sigh as if she had been holding her breath.

“My intentions have always been good, for my staff, for my friends, and of course for my family. I fear my time here will be cut short and I must know in my heart that I have taken all precautions to ensure their safety. Most of all to ensure they know I love them.” Completely stunned, both Marcus and Destry look up at Crispin who remains extremely calm as he speaks.

“All items have been left in the house, just as they were at your last visit. I placed a hold on the move and explained to Severo that we had a few details to work out before any changes would take place. I also have two plane reservations already scheduled in order to make your return as convenient as possible.” Crispin hands the tickets to Marcus.

Excerpt 422

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